New Retreats For You


And just in time for the holidays…

Not only are we totally customizable we are also now MOBILE – We come to you!

What type of experience do you imagine?

A few hours or a few days
In the city or at a remote location
For a small or large group
An intimate group of friends or your team at work.

We create beautiful custom experiences and retreats.

These retreats or workshops involve processes of self reflection and visioning to help with anything from creative inspiration, reducing anxiety, creating short and long term goals, or feeling better in your day to day.

Yoga, meditation, and breath work tools and techniques.
Sharing, learning and supporting each other.
Working towards individual goals or a common mission within your team.
What do you want to take a deeper look at, expand on and improve?

Examples of what we offer:

One to four day Retreats for celebration of friendship, personal growth, connecting to intuition and spending time in nature.

Workshops on planning for the future, setting goals and a strategy. Looking at the What, the How and the Why.

How to effortlessly bring meditation, yoga and breath work into your daily life.

Contact us HERE to ask any questions or tell us your ideas for a retreat or workshop that would be valuable for you.

Read more about our past retreats HERE, and a little bit about our workshops HERE.

We hope to see you soon.

X.  ~ Still North