Over many years of exploring, traveling, sharing, and feeling, Still North has been building, in all of us, over time.

Our Mission:
We create experiences for getting back to our primal selves, rewriting our stories, and living with intention. We bring people together to inspire each other, and learn to live more harmoniously with our natural world.


  • Experiencing different cultures and landscapes
  • Meeting people around the world and hearing their stories
  • The many ups and downs that life has thrown at us
  • Work, relationships, tough choices and deep emotions

Returning to nature was always what helped us return to ourselves.

We heal in various ways:

  • through solitude and bonding
  • In sharing nourishing food and laughs
  • In creating and using our hands
  • Practicing yoga and meditation
  • In slowing down and taking a pause.

Our Vision:
To create a space for YOU to slow down.
Time for reflection and looking deeper at the stories you have written about your life.
Sharing and creating communities where we can listen and learn from each other.
Create a vision for yourself and feel intention and empowerment in your choices.
Return to our natural, healing environment.

Our Purpose:
Encouraging kindness to ourselves…and trust in our own intuition.
Gaining new perspectives of understanding how to live harmoniously with our natural world.
To build community and mutually inspire each other to live.

Kindness…to ourselves, to each other and to Mother Earth.

We are excited to step into this vision, bring it to life, and share it with you. We look forward to seeing you this Summer!

Thank you for all your love and support.
Xx Still North.