Our Story

We live in a world of rapid advancements and increasing challenges. Sometimes, it feels like we stay in continuous motion just to keep up.

At Still North, we create space for your much needed restoration of energy, inspiration and creativity. We combine elements of nature, spirituality, community and creativity to craft unique, transformational experiences for you to restore, learn, share and connect. Join us in getting back to ourselves, and living with intention. While we re-connect to our self, we learn to live more harmoniously with our natural world and mutually inspire each other to live.

We take time for guided reflection and visioning, and come together to collectively share our thoughts and experiences. We collaborate with local crafts people to share knowledge and learn new and traditional ways of making with our hands.

Each day is a new adventure. Hike with us, discover new plants, new places and new perspectives. Swim in the sea. Soak in the hot springs. Nourish yourself with local, fresh food. Let it all go. Let the wilderness in. Come back to yourself. Appreciate the aesthetic beauty of life as it is.


Michelle Tucker

A native to the Prairies, Michelle has spent a large portion of her life outdoors, finding solace, adventure and inspiration year round in the natural elements. She comes from a long lineage of those that have lived and worked with the land, learning to understand the rhythm of the earth and the sky. She was taught, not only to appreciate nature, but also how to live harmoniously with her. She came to know that this connection is not only needed to protect what gives us life, but that it has always been needed for the mind, body and spirit. It is something that cannot be explained in words, but simply felt in the pureness of the moments, and will allow you to return to yourself and feel a little more whole.

Michelle studied process design, facilitation, and team and self development processes and tools at Hyper Island Stockholm – the international creative business school that aims to inspire creativity and innovation by challenging participants to practice experiential learning and value personal and professional development as equally important. She has also studied yoga, meditation and breathwork in Dharamshala, India. She focuses on self growth processes and using simple techniques for better living. She believes nature helps us to heal in many ways and reconnect to our intuition. She brings her love of nature, spirituality, community and creativity together to craft unique opportunities for others to connect with the wilderness, connect with themselves, and just Be.

At Still North, we collaborate with Creatives, Locals and Entrepreneurs. People that inspire us and share our value of creating unique and transformational experiences that bring us together and build community. The retreat offerings and experiences vary and we bring together an amazing constellation of people for each unique opportunity.



We would love to hear you’re interests and ideas.