Still North Gift Guide 2017

Happy Holidays, Loves

I’m getting into the holiday spirit, and throwing my opinion into the – usually frenetic season of showing our love by giving that perfect gift! (Side note – lets CHOOSE to not subscribe to frenzy this year, OK?)

I think I’ve got some pretty good ideas that are not your typical gifts. They don’t have to involve a huge financial investment and have benefits that last beyond the initial excitement of the holiday season.


Love Over Money.

This is my general theme here. (And always.)

Okay, the basic & easy to follow, gift giving rules:

Support Local.

Your Local Businesses support the community you live in. Let’s keep them around.

Not only will you spread love to friends and family, you also support hardworking individuals, and support sustainable slower living. Just like the good ol’ days. Keep your money in your own community, get to know the people who work and live there, talk to them face to face, put down that screen! These people work hard to offer you the best products, great service and create community. 

Plus, by getting out, dropping the screen, and getting some social time, you meet new people and feel more inspired. It’s science, people. This actually contributes to improving mental health. It’s really a win for all.

(~ I’m throwing in links to businesses that are in my Neighbourhood or local to Western Canada. I hope you can find similar ones that are doing good in your community.)

Give the gift of Experience.

Yoga / Breathwork / Meditation.

Lots of studios offer amazing deals for first time members. Even though I practice at home, a dear friend gifted me a monthly membership in November and this really helped to push me beyond the usual routine I do on my own. It’s been amazing in helping me feel lighter in all ways – physically, mentally and spiritually. The learning curve can be tough for beginners, and understandably so! But push past it, and you will discover some of the best medicine you can get.

Some local studios:

One Yoga  &  Pure Essence Studio

A Meditation Pillow – you definitely don’t need a fancy pillow to meditate, but sometimes it helps if you have something beautiful that’s meant for one thing – it encourages you to use it more often.


Our parklands are protected areas for a reason; the camping, lakes, forest, & nature hikes are all too amazing to not spend more time there. Give someone an annual park pass AND the incentive to get into the wilderness more often. Plus, you can feel good that you’re money is going to a place that is helping protect our beautiful natural habitats.

Provincial Parks   &  National Parks

How about gifting a relaxing night overlooking the lake in a beautiful eco lodge?

Three Treasures Tonics – They make the most delicious tonics and elixirs with medicinal herbs. They’re good for you, but also taste delicious.

Venn Coffee – Coffee is life (and not bad for you in moderation.) Venn Coffee Roasters has delicious tasting coffee, and kanelsnurrer! Having lived in Sweden for two years, I can attest, they have done a good job of creating the loveliest Scandinavian inspired cafe in the prairies.

Ness Creek Tickets for the music lovers. A beautiful little music festival in the middle of the forest.

Give the gift that encourages new perspectives, discussions, thoughts, and beauty. More Art in everyone’s lives please.

Go Cross Country Skiing – Peaceful, meditative and a great work out – Gift a trail pass + rentals

Snowboarding is fun. It gets you outside in the Winter, and can be life changing at any age – Gift a day pass + rentals (and a lesson?)

Buy quality items & Support sustainable and ethical companies.

If you’re buying for that person who loves to be outside all winter, think about supporting companies that are putting their energy and their money into environmental efforts:

Like Patagonia & Burton.  Available at this local shop with the best customer service.

Communion Botanicals – The most amazing natural & ethical skincare products.

The Better Good – Find anything from chocolate to beautiful pottery to international handmade gifts.

Support your local crafts person. They make the every day ritual a little more beautiful – like drinking tea, or walking to work. A potter that I would love to own everything she makes. Saving up for these boots.   Handmade leather goods to keep your valuables safe.

Books – Always a good idea. Support you local little book shops.

DIY – Get creative, use your hands, and make something yourself.

For the Low Budget/ No Budget:

A beautiful hand written poster with tips and words of encouragement for getting started with a daily meditation/ stretching/ writing/ painting practice.

A Travel Fund Jar – Find a big oversize jar (at a local restaurant or thrift store). Decorate with a map or photos of an enticing, far away land. Cut a small slit in the lid and then Glue the lid onto the jar. Encourage someone to gain a new perspective on life by getting lost in another country.

Jar of Awesomeness

Music Playlist on Spotify – Remember when we used to make mix tapes or burn CDs for our friends. Create the perfect Cozy Winter Playlist to send love & inspiration.

Paint a beautiful home made calendar with all the important birthdays and events to remember.

See more ethical products from small businesses we collaborate with, in our SHOP.

More reading on Ethical Consumption & Remembering to spend your time instead of your money.

“Bake them a cake, write them a poem, give them a kiss, tell them a joke, but for god’s sake stop trashing the planet to tell someone you care. All it shows is that you don’t.”


“Love, that’s how we get good.”