Moving Forward: Setting Intentions for 2018

Moving Forward: Setting Intentions for 2018.

Starting the New Year with a renewed sense of Inspiration and Creativity.


At the beginning of each new calendar year, I like to sit and imagine a theme that I want to move forward with, and carry into the next 12 months.
Until the calendar resets itself, like wiping clean a messy and confusing slate.
It’s refreshing.
It’s not as limiting as specific resolutions.
It can adapt and evolve with you as your year unfolds.
It can morph with you.
It can be defined however you choose.
It acts as a bit of a guiding purpose.

I often choose two words – two themes for my year ahead.
This year I chose:

Expansion & Focus

The irony of those two ideas being so contrasted is not lost on me. But what kind of Gemini would I be if I wasn’t a constant paradox?

The first word that came to me was:


I’ve been learning so much over the last 3 years, and I’m finally in a place of feeling more grounded, ready to challenge myself again, follow my fears, take the knowledge I’ve gained and build on it, continue to grow…..

Which brings me to my next word:


I’ve been very open to the world (both literally and figuratively) these last 3 years, open to many ideas, learning and experimenting with a broad spectrum…
And it feels like an opportune time to focus.
To Expand in a more focused area rather than every direction at once.

The Next Step:

I then define these themes for what they mean to me and where I would like to go with them.
I write specific intentions for each one.
And with those intentions I write realistic actions,
…as well as dreamy, hard-to-reach goals
With both, being the steps I will take this year to reach that space.
A new space that takes personal growth, strategy, transition and evolution – to get to.



What are your themes for your year ahead?
What are you intentions?
Where do you want to go?
How can you get there?
What will you do this month, next month, in six months..
To get you to that space?

Write it down.