Stillness & A Deeper Reflection on 2017

still north sun dogs in the sky. nature and reflection and intuition.

Stillness & Reflection.

Taking time for reflection, listening to our intuition, learning from our experiences and moving forward with new inspiration.


It seems to be a novel idea to take time to sit with nothing but our thoughts.
You know why…. because of family, partners, work, social obligations, mundane upkeep on our homes and lives, driving, sleeping, worrying about the condition of the previously mentioned…
And let’s not discount the (not so) guilty pleasures of – Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, or whatever else your vice may be.
But consider…taking time this year, for Stillness & Reflection.

Taking the time to sit with our thoughts.
Putting aside our distractions and vices.
Asking ourselves some questions.
Some tough questions.
And really thinking about the answers.

What comes up?
What’s below the surface?

What if we not only listened to what our intuition is telling us, but we actually believed it?

As the new year rolled in, I set some time aside to sit with my thoughts on 2017.
What I thought would take about an hour turned into a deeper reflection.
I think I needed it. I had a crazy 2017.
I moved around, almost ten times, From Europe to Los Angeles and then back to Canada. I then traveled from the Prairies to the Kootenay Mountains to the West Coast, oh with just a quick detour to Scotland and Sweden.
By the end of 2017, the internalized feeling I’ve had for many years – a nomad who does not feel at home anywhere –  was stronger than ever.

So I reflected – to gain clarity,  to learn from my experiences, and to find out what I wanted to let go of and what I wanted to carry with me into 2018.

Try it.
This reflection can be useful if you’re feeling a bit stuck, but it’s also great if you just want to take a look back, and see where you were then. It’s interesting to take a moment to recognize what we have been through and where we are now.

Break up your year into months.
Starting with January 2017, and then going through, month by month.

Ask yourself:
What happened?
How did it make me feel?
What was my high point?
What was my low point?
Write it all down.

Go through the whole year.
At the end of your reflection, write this down:
Your top 5 moments you felt your lowest – what happened?
Your top 10 moments you felt your highest – what happened?

I had some interesting patterns throughout my months.
And some things came up that I already knew, but it was a good reminder.
It reaffirmed the important things I need to engage in, and the things in my life that do not need my attention.

Try it.
It’s a great reminder anytime of the year.
But especially motivating at the beginning of the calendar year.

We cannot and should not avoid the low points. It’s life.
But taking the time to better understand how and why we feel that way during those times and knowing what it is that helps lift us out of them is a very powerful tool.
Find strength in your weaknesses.

Go into 2018, giving your time and energy to those occasions that make you feel like you deserve to feel.
Recognize when you feel low and take the time to recharge your batteries.
Recognize when you feel high and be a lighthouse for yourself and for those around you.
Follow those moments and those feelings.
Create MAGIC in your days.

Happy 2018.
It’s going to be a powerful year.

Xx Michelle.
Still North.

still north reflection. looking back into 2017.

Looking Back. Reflecting.

still north reflection on the top 10 moments of 2017.

Considering my top moments of 2017.

still north reflection journal

Time for a new journal. (I finally filled the old one with some final thoughts on 2017.) Now, a bright one to inspire 2018.

still north sunrise. contemplation and reflection time.

Sunrise Contemplations.