Reflections on our Nature + Personal Intuition Workshop:


“I always enjoy learning more about myself and reflecting. I feel like I have a new found energy going forward.”

“I have thought about it often since. Something I need more time to work on, which will make a positive impact.”

“Makes me want to do a weekend retreat so i can go deeper.”

“I felt super good! I think that anything like this makes life more positive and fulfilling.”

“It was a perfect setting. I especially enjoyed the view, and short meditation. Being silent allowed time to take in the surroundings and notice the sounds, smells and flowers.”

∙ • ∙

“It felt natural and intuitive.”

“I felt like I worked through some things that I had been avoiding.”

“It was valuable and helpful. Something I would recommend to family and friends.”

“That I need to attend more sessions like this. It’s great therapy and I prefer this than actual therapy.”

“This is something I would do once a year.”

∙ • ∙

“I felt more connected with others, refreshed by nature, and glad I had spent time to write down my thoughts in a more guided and structured way than I normally do.”

“It helped because it made me realize that I need to surround myself with that sort of space more often.”

“I was reminded that there are amazing Women that are also going through struggles. That we are not alone, and must continue to work at ourselves on a regular basis, because it is so easy to lose track. Participating in workshops like this – throughout life – is very valuable.”

“I felt supported, safe, close to nature, sense of community, curious.”

“Ahhhhhmazing! This was the “check in” I needed!!”